Monday, April 1, 2013

Part 36: Konigsee

June 23, 1991:  Hot - Rainy
“Took the boat to the Bartholoma Chapel and Hunting Lodge across the lake”.

Enjoyable day despite the rain.  As we rode across Konigsee lake, we listened to the famous echo as our Boat Meister played several verses of a lonely melody on his trumpet.  Lake Konigsee is surrounded by mountains and the haunting tune echoed off the rocks and across this glacial lake --amazing.  

New Mexico Man caught the famous record breaking 55 pound trout which is mounted  and is still displayed in the Hunting Lodge.  Originally adorned with a small plaque edged in 24 kt gold, peridot, and aquamarine, reading "Caught by NM Man during the FCTCW and NM's visit June 23, 1991"  it now wears a simpler sign.  A casualty of our fame, the the original rests in the hands of a souvenir hunter.

Bartholoma Chapel

Our boat the "Watzmann"
Most people are afraid of echoing trumpets.  Admit it, I am Fearless.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful phoots .. . even the trout!