Sunday, January 1, 2012

Glucklich Neu Jahre!

At the close of 1991 we were happily settled into our home in Germany. Staying true to my newly achieved tower climbing status we lived atop a 16 story high-rise which swayed delightfully in the breeze rocking us to sleep each night.

However, we were completely unprepared for the manifestation of Neujahrsfest in Germany. There was no limit to the amount of gunpowder in a single canister or the plethora of astonishing fireworks to be found in every shop, corner stand, and business for the taking. Never again have we seen such an array or the mad twinkle in the eye of every citizen snatching packages from the shelves. There were rockets the size of Yule logs, tiny striped cartoon-like bees, tanks, grenade bombs, whistlers, and bursting stars. The little bees were our favorite as they whirled up in the air buzzing wildly.

Our building was L-shaped and the Hausmeister took the solemn honor and responsibility of the buildings firework display to the highest level of inhibition. We were not disappointed nor was our building shamed - for we had one of the grandest displays of firepower in the village. Being on the 16th floor, it was a magnificent spectacle to behold. The rockets red glare glowed as they shot past our windows and we had an eye level view of many of the show stopping fire blooms.

The L-shape also proved a superb shape
to capture and magnify the acoustics of the show. It made us feel as if we were magically transported right into the Star Spangled Banner and the ear deafening blasts they must have witnessed. Alas, we were deeply saddened by the dead batteries in our tape recorder as well as the powder burns on both our love seat and carpet.

May 2012 be as brilliant of and occasion - Happy New Year!

~Most people are afraid of whirling fire bees. Admit it, I am Fearless.~


Amber said...

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

The fireworks must have been amazing from the 16th Floor!