Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Part 29: Holland Gouda

February 1991: Sunny
"Off to the Gouda cheese factory. Actually it was more of a small farm."

Parades in the Holland sun certainly build a hunger for cheese. At the farm, they showed us the cheese making process - it takes 20 liters of milk to make a 2 kilo ball of cheese. We bought the end product of 40 liters, one plain Gouda and one variety called Dynamite which was flavored with fresh finely chopped stinging nettles. Anyone familiar with stinging nettle will know it carries quite a punch. The nettle cheese was delicious. A few years back we tried to find some nettle Gouda. We did find some, alas we suspect that the nettles were dried or cooked as there was no dynamite sensation at all.

~Most people are afraid of stinging nettles. Admit it, I am Fearless.~


A. Skidgy said...

I wish I had some Gouda now, but not the stinging nettle type.

Aubergine said...

I was just watching a travel show about cheese in Switzerland . . . goat cheese. This Gouda sounds Goud!