Friday, February 10, 2012

Part 30: Volendam

"April 1991: Sunny and Warm. Spent some well deserved free time in Volendam; a 700 year old fishing village on the shore of the North Sea. We combed the beach for small shells and sea glass."

We walked along the shore and watched the big sailboats and seagulls on the horizon. New Mexico Man boosted his super hero vision by consuming teeney tiny fried fish, clams, and of course mussels. I settled for the much preferred order of pomme frites mit curry ketchup. We both agreed that the accompanying Black Current Fanta was Fab! Collected some sand and shells for a memento of a mesmerizing experience.
DrinkFanta: 1940's available in Europe. 1960 introduced to USA. Fondly associated with good times and happiness. Tingly fruit taste. Now a favorite across the world.

~Sadly most people are afraid to catch a black currant soda. Admit it, I am Fearless.~


A. Skidgy said...

Man, I've got to get me some of that Fanta drink if that's what it does to you!

Aubergine said...

Did you find any sea glass? It looks wonderful!